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Monkeys Fist

One of the many jobs I’ve had have been a linesman on the wharf but not to be confused with a linesman with the power company, sporting event and or with the transportation and works department painting lines on the highway. There are many ships that come into Long Pond harbour to dock such as ships carrying cement, fuel, corn and soy along with barges loading talc to distribute to other parts of the world. Working in many jobs you learn terminology for the trade and one of these terms used on ships and on the wharf is “Monkeys Fist”. This is type of knot tied to the end of a throw rope used for weight to help the line to make it to the wharf when threw by the deckhand. The throw line is attached to a larger rope that is pulled ashore to be tied to the cleat on the wharf. Who would have thought such a term would be used! For more interesting terms, facts and projects visit me @:

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