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Tis’ the Season - Snow Blower Maintenance

Tis’ the season when bad weather hits and we all cross our fingers when turning the choke on the snowblower, pulling the cord and praying it starts! If your snowblower isn’t probably stored, often we end up with water in the fuel lines, pull cords frayed, cables rusted and seized. These troubles are all wonderful if you own a small engine shop but to the average person it’s costly. Here are a few tips for the end of the winter season to keep your snowblower like new and to save your hard earned dollar:

  1. Fuel stabilizer added to a full tank of gas

  2. Oil change

  3. Lubrication of moving parts

  4. Snowblower propped up on blocks

  5. Stored inside preferably

  6. Fitted cover is stored outside

If these maintenance items are outside the possibilities, contact me and I will be more then happy to carry out this maintenance and or teach you how too!

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