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Wood Pellet Storage

Some of us grew up with chores such as bringing in wood from the wood shed which was a or seemed like a big task for a youngster but we all had to do our part! But these days there’s electric heat, heat pumps and propane so the need for birch rind (rine), splits and wood boxes are becoming obsolete. Pellet Stoves emerged in the 1980’s and have become more common in recent years with the rising costs of electrical power and oil prices. The first year using the stove I had issues with the storage of 6-7 thousand pounds of pellets but since graduated to only buying 12 bags based on availability and then storing them in my closet. Regardless of storage it was still an issue with lifting a 40lb bag and maneuvering over the hopper to empty! I decided to custom design and build a pellet box to hold 12 bags that I needed along with personalized detailing and incorporated a bench seat as well. For whatever storage needs are regardless if you have a pellet stove or not give me a call and I would enjoy helping you solve yours!

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